Value-Creation Process

The VALUE of the Nisshinbo Group as Expressed in Its Corporate Philosophy

Since its inception, the Nisshinbo Group has always been committed to the concept of the Company as a public entity that contributing to society is the Companies’ reason for being, and that contribution is the engine that drives their growth. The Group's corporate philosophy is "Change and Challenge! For the creation of the future of Earth and People." The business policy derived from this corporate philosophy is to "Realize a super-smart society as an Environment and Energy Company group." The Group has set the protection of the global environment as the top priority social issue to be solved, and its fundamental business activities are aimed at realizing a super-smart society with the environment at the core of all business activities.

History as an Environment and Energy Company Group

The history of the Nisshinbo Group began with operating companies such as Nisshin Cotton Spinning Co., Ltd., Japan Radio Co., Ltd., and TMD group. When Nisshin Cotton Spinning Co., Ltd. was founded in 1907, the textile industry was supporting the Japanese economy, but it was exposed to competition from low-priced foreign textile products. From that time onward, the Company believed that its mission was not to focus on textiles but to contribute to human society through its businesses to meet the needs of the times. Since then, the Nisshinbo Group has continued to grow through aggressive portfolio transformation.

The Nisshinbo Group has created new value through a number of product lines, including sensors and electronic devices, automobile brake friction materials, fuel cell parts, “CARBODILITE” which is a functional chemical essential for the manufacture of biodegradable resins and water-based paints, and product lines for disaster prevention and disaster mitigation, that contribute to solving environmental problems such as climate change and realizing a safe and secure society. In addition, the Group has been striving to expand its governance system, which serves as the foundation of its management, ahead of the demands of society.

Even before the term “ESG management” became more widely used, ESG was always at the center of the Nisshinbo Group's management strategy. The diverse businesses and product lines that the Nisshinbo Group globally expands are its strengths, and furthermore, they contribute significantly to achieving the targets of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

History of Portfolio Transformation

History of Portfolio Transformation

Strategic Business Domains and Value-Creation

As an Environment and Energy Company group, the Nisshinbo Group are deeply exploring three strategic business domains: Mobility, Infrastructure & Safety, and Life & Healthcare in order to realize a super-smart society.

Strategic Business Domains and Value-Creation

In order to create greater value in these three strategic business domains, the Group is developing and providing products that contribute to a sustainable society, as well as digitally developing the Group's technologies and products into new service businesses. Through the promotion of the “two-Ds” of DX (Digital Transformation) and D&I (Diversity & Inclusion), the Nisshinbo Group will drive innovation and lead to the transformation of the business model.

The Nisshinbo Group will create business value as a whole through the synergistic effects of its diverse businesses, enhance its own corporate value, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.