Message from the President

Message from the President

Transforming into
an open-minded corporate culture
where the wisdom of diverse people
can come together,
the aim is to provide solutions
to the challenges facing human society.

Transforming into an open-minded corporate culture where the wisdom of diverse people can come together, the aim is to provide solutions to the challenges facing human society.

Focusing on "Environment and Energy" as the direction for all business activities to achieve the corporate philosophy

The Nisshinbo Group has continued to transform into a business domain that contributes to society with the slogan, "Contributing to society through business activities," as its corporate mission. "By providing solutions to the challenges facing human society" as the cornerstone of corporate growth, the Group has achieved development by constantly transforming its business portfolio without being confined to a single business.

Today, the global environment is in crisis. It is the result of humanity's pursuit of wealth. The Nisshinbo Group believes that its contribution to modern society is to provide solutions that contribute to the improvement of the global environment, and the Group has made it a Nisshinbo Group business policy to "Realize a super-smart society as an Environment and Energy Company group." The Group is equipped with products and services related to Wireless and Communications, Micro Devices, and Chemicals. By focusing on one business direction, "Environment and Energy," the Group is convinced that it can achieve the Corporate Philosophy “Change and Challenge! For the creation of the future of Earth and People.”

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion and Toward a Culture of Innovation

In order to realize the corporate philosophy, the Group has set three materiality issues: "Contribution to the environment and energy field," "Creation of a safe and secure society," and "Global compliance."

With regard to "Contribution to the environment and energy field," the Group announced its support for the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure) and is promoting information disclosure by 2022. In addition, within the Nisshinbo Group, the Group aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50% by 2030 compared to FY2014 and to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, which is the most important goal. As a result of the promotion of geothermal power generation at the Indonesian plant, the main plant of the Textiles business, in 2022, the achievement of the 2030 target is now within range. In addition, the Nisshinbo Group has set "expanding sales of products that contribute to a sustainable society" as the top target in the environmental field, and the Group is working toward achieving a ratio of 70% or more of sales in FY2030. The Group expects to achieve this goal by concentrating its activities further because the Group has already expanded to 55% as of 2022.

The "Creation of a safe and secure society" encompasses many key action items, but I believe that the essence of a company is a group of human beings, and the key is how to cherish each and every employee as an individual. This does not mean allowing or coddling them. The core idea is that the Group should provide education and training that respects each individual, regardless of gender, and promote the transformation of its organization to one that emphasizes a meritocracy.
For example, not long ago, cars were road vehicles, but now they are evolving into flying cars. In this game-changing era, when the nature of society is changing dramatically, the Group recognizes that the diversity of its employees and their high level of engagement with the corporate philosophy are critical issues that can make the difference between life and death for a company. On the other hand, the number of women managers, which is one indicator of employee diversity, is still small. The Nisshinbo Group is currently reforming at a rapid pace the promotion and evaluation system, the transfer system, and the method of hiring new graduates, which are all cited as reasons for this situation, and the Group will surely see the results.
Furthermore, in order to create a diverse organization, I have repeatedly conveyed to all employees in the president's message that they should be sensitive to the fact that "they are diverse individuals within the company." If the Group can become an open organization in which employees recognize their own individuality and that of others and can express their opinions to each other without excessive reserve, the Group will be able to exchange opinions openly and acquire wisdom. This will lead to innovation, which will be reflected in business performance. In other words, diversity and inclusion is the starter for innovation. The results of its efforts are definitely showing, and employee engagement scores are increasing. Of course, there are variations among divisions and operating companies, so companies with low scores are learning from those with high scores, and I am working to improve the organizational climate through steady activities of dialogs with employees at each country and regional office.
The future is not an extension of the past. Failure is not something to be faulted but rather to be forgiven and utilized, and a corporate culture that allows and capitalizes on such failures will spawn innovation. At the same time, however, the Group repeatedly reminds their employees to "make profits properly," and the Group deals with any behavior that violates not only the law, as well as corporate ethics and human ethics, with severe penalties.

Sustainability management is the base for improving the value of a company. The pursuit of the SDGs is a strategy that embodies the idea of public entity that underlies corporate philosophy, and the Group is contributing to the SDGs through its business activities. I believe that my greatest mission is to maximize profit, which is the total value added as a result of advancing businesses that contribute to the benefit of all stakeholders. The Group will strive to increase corporate value through concentrated investment in the environment, human resources, and priority business areas, and to further return profits to shareholders.

The Group looks forward to the continued support and encouragement of all of its stakeholders.

Masahiro Murakami
Masahiro Murakami
Representative Director and President, Nisshinbo Holdings Inc.