Nisshinbo Group Human Rights Statement


We, the Nisshinbo Group, in pursuing our mission to “contribute to the society through our business," continue our challenge at a global scale to develop and supply products, technologies and services with added values for the society.
Throughout business, a company should be an actor to respect, protect and promote the human rights of all stakeholders including employees, customers, business partners and local communities. As articulated in The Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights adopted by the United Nations in 2011 (hereafter, UN Guiding Principles), we must once again take our responsibility seriously to protect human rights.

We, the Nisshinbo Group, consider human rights to be “the rights of people to live fulfilling lives based on their own diverse choices." In order for people to make their own life decision from diverse choices, their rights and opportunities for self-fulfillment must be ensured, and people need to be physically, mentally, and socially well-being. Above all, a safe and secure living environment is necessary.
Our group aims to provide solutions to climate change and realize a society where people can live safely and securely. We are aware that our business activities support people's living environment, which in turn leads to the protection of human rights, and we will continue to make further efforts to create a safe and secure environment.
Furthermore, as we are aware of the significant impacts that our global business activities may incur on many people around the world, we will conduct human rights due diligence in line with the UN Guiding Principles. In light of the essential meaning of due diligence: “care and efforts reasonably expected in accordance with one's position,” we will continue to make appropriate and steady efforts to fulfill our corporate responsibility to protect human rights.

We, the Nisshinbo Group, place importance on "respecting diversity" and foster a corporate culture that encourages employees to respect each other's human rights as being “one member of diverse humans.” Through the human rights due diligence process, the group aims to be an organization that embraces diverse human resources with strong will and integrity to respect human rights, being aware of the impacts of our business on people.
Under our corporate philosophy: “Change and Challenge! For the creation of the future of Earth and People,” we are committed to creating a well-being society, in which people of today and children of the future can live happy and fulfilling lives. We pledge to develop and provide products, technologies, and services that ensure people's safety and security.

This statement is positioned as a policy that precedes all documents and norms related to the Nisshinbo Group's efforts in respecting human rights through our business activities.

Scope of Application

All employees of the Nisshinbo Group, regardless of their positions, are protected and are expected to act in accordance with this statement.
All business partners involved in our group's business activities are also expected to understand and support this statement and to work together to respect human rights.

International Standards

We, the Nisshinbo Group, are committed to the following:

We, the Nisshinbo Group, comply with the laws and regulations of each country in which we operate throughout our business activities. In cases where the laws and regulations of the corresponding country differ from or conflict with international human rights norms, we will strive to respect international human rights standards to the maximum extent possible.

Our salient human rights issues

We, the Nisshinbo Group, consider the following as salient human rights issues in our business activities.

  • ●Child labor and forced labor
  • ●Discrimination
  • ●Harassment
  • ●Gender
  • ●Human rights issues related to the environment and climate change
  • ●Occupational health and safety

Human Rights Due Diligence Initiatives

Operational Structure and Responsibility

Responsibility for the human rights statement lies with the Director, President of Nisshinbo Holdings Inc., who oversees the whole Nisshinbo Group, and the chief executive officer of each group segment. The Sustainability Department will implement the human rights due diligence initiative under the supervision of the Executive Director of Sustainability. We will engage in dialogue with external experts and stakeholders who have expertise in human rights issues, and we will collaborate with each group company to promote the process and report regularly to the Board of Directors.

Mitigation and Remediation measures

When the Nisshinbo Group's business activities have been found to have caused or contributed to any adverse human rights impacts, the Nisshinbo Group will take appropriate remediation measures to mitigate and prevent such impacts. We also recognize that we have a responsibility to exercise our influence on remedial actions in cases where our products, technologies, and services are directly linked to adverse human rights impacts in the supply chain.
We will take appropriate mitigation measures considering the scale, scope, and severity of the situation.

Information Disclosure

We, the Nisshinbo Group, disclose the status and outcomes of our human rights due diligence efforts and subsequent plans on the Nisshinbo Group website and other media. We will hold dialogues with stakeholders on the content of such information as appropriate and strive to make improvements.

Understanding and Dissemination of the Human Rights Statement

We, the Nisshinbo Group, will continuously build awareness and knowledge of all group employees to promote their understanding of this statement in order to ensure that business activities are conducted in accordance with this statement.
We will share this statement with our business partners and stakeholders throughout our supply chain to gain their understanding and support and to collaborate in promoting activities for respecting human rights.

Commitment to Remedy (Grievance Mechanism)

We, the Nisshinbo Group, have established the Corporate Ethics Reporting System and helpline to appropriately address issues that violate corporate ethics, including human rights. This system and helpline accept reports not only from employees of the Nisshinbo Group but also from a wide range of internal and external stakeholders. To ensure that whistleblowers can use the helpline with psychological safety, we will prohibit any disadvantageous treatment or retaliation against whistleblowers and promise to protect privacy and confidentiality.
In case we receive a report or concern regarding a violation of human rights, a violation of laws and regulations, or a violation of corporate ethics, we will confirm the facts and take appropriate measures to remediate the situation and prevent its recurrence. In developing our grievance mechanism, we will periodically check the number of reports and trends and report them to the Board of Directors and the person in charge of the Human Rights Statement.

This statement is approved by the Board of Directors of Nisshinbo Holdings Inc. and signed by Masahiro Murakami, Representative Director and President.

August 1, 2023
Nisshinbo Holdings Inc.
Masahiro Murakami,
Representative Director and President