Social Media Policy

Nisshinbo Group Social Media Policy

Basic Policy

Employees of the Nisshinbo Group shall recognize that social media is a platform for communication between the company and users and shall observe the stance and conduct stipulated below and basic manners in order to utilize social media with a conscientious demeanor.

Self-awareness and Responsibility in the Transmission of Information

  1. Employees shall constantly recognize that an unspecified number of users have accessibility to social media.
  2. Employees shall transmit information and respond with responsibility, never forgetting to listen attentively to the statements of others.
  3. In the transmission of information, employees shall observe related laws and ordinances and related in-house rules.
    In particular, employees shall not engage in conduct that violates the intellectual property rights (copyrights, patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights, etc.), asset rights, portrait rights, business confidentiality, privacy, or personal information of other users or third parties or that damages their honor, dignity, or esteem.
  4. Employees shall recognize that transmitted information may change later on.
  5. Employees shall recognize that once it has been made public, information cannot be completely deleted.
  6. Employees shall constantly recognize that the Nisshinbo Group and society, including users, build good relations through communication and that this contributes to enhancing the corporate value of the Nisshinbo Group.

In-house Education

Based on this policy, we shall conduct employee education on the transmission of information via the Internet.

Announcement and Request to Customers and Social Media Users

Information transmitted on social media by employees of the Nisshinbo Group does not necessarily represent an official opinion or announcement of the Nisshinbo Group. Official opinions and announcements are transmitted through the Group’s website, press releases, etc.

Methods of dialogue (possibility of reply, response time, etc.) differ by account. Also, we do not promise to reply to every comment received.

*Regarding the protection of personal information, etc., please refer to our privacy policy.