R&D Structures

The holding company and business companies all have their respective R&D divisions and conduct R&D activities focusing on the environmental and energy fields. Among them, the holding company oversees R&D among the business companies and seeks to commercialize newly developed technologies and products. It also has a department specializing in the handling of intellectual properties. The business companies, meanwhile, are conducting R&D activities to further enhance their products’ value in their respective business fields.

R&D Structure

R&D Center

The R&D Center conducts research and development that covers multiple businesses and serves as an incubator for new products.

R&D Center
R&D Center


1-2-3 onodai, midori-ku, chiba-city
Chiba. JAPAN 267-0056
Phone 043-205-0789
facsimile 043-205-0797


Research for materials and equipments about the Energy/Ecology field