Message from the President

Provide solutions to social issues through sensing, wireless communications, and information processing technologies

The Nisshinbo Group's mission is to contribute to society through our business activities and under the corporate philosophy “Change and Challenge! For the creation of the future of Earth and People,” our business policy is to “Realize a super-smart Society as an Environment and Energy Company group.”

In response to mid- to long-term changes and opportunities in the business environment, such as the growing risk of climate change, demographic changes, and the development of the digital society, our group aims to "Connect Everything, Create Value" and provide solutions to social issues through sensing, wireless communications, and information processing technologies. The key measures to achieve this are pursuing a transformation of the business portfolio, building a business model that looks to future growth and invest management resources in a focused manner, and reducing management risk by further strengthening the management base. In 2023, we have made a major portfolio reshuffle in the wireless and communications business and the brake business and have clarified our commitment to further growth with the wireless and communications and micro devices businesses as our core businesses. As a result, the electronics-related business is expected to account for more than 60% of total sales by 2024. We will continue to promote business portfolio transformation and aggressively invest in growth, including M&A, in the wireless and communications and micro device businesses. At the same time, we will accelerate our business discernment by comprehensively evaluating consistency with our corporate philosophy, growth potential, and profitability in terms of business and capital.

The world of wireless and communications and micro devices is responding to dramatic changes in mobility, such as the shift to xEVs, self-driving, and autonomous navigation for ships, as well as enabling telemedicine and watch-keeping services. First, we will address the immediate issue of extreme weather conditions by providing disaster prevention radio and sensor networks to protect people's lives from disasters. We will also provide solutions to environmental issues with communication systems linked to AI. Furthermore, we will expand into the digital service business by utilizing technologies and products that we have mastered in manufacturing, such as radar, GPS, ultrasonic sensors, and micro-device modules and units.

We believe that promoting sustainability management that protects and improves the global environment through these business activities will lead to the sustainable growth of our group. By increasing profits as the sum total of added value, we will meet the expectations of our various stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, employees, business partners, and local communities.

To this end, we will strive to improve profitability of existing businesses and transform our business portfolio by making full use of M&A and business transfers, as well as improve profitability by transforming our business model, thereby improving and increasing P/B ratios.

In the Mid-term Management Plan disclosed this time, we set consolidated financial targets to be achieved by 2026: net sales of 580 billion yen, operating income of 38 billion yen, operating margin of 6.5%, ROE of 10%, ROIC of 6%, D/E ratio of 0.7 times or less, and payout ratio of 40%.

We will also strive to achieve our environmental goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 (compared to 2014) and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, while at the same time transforming and growing our business through diversity, a source of innovation, and DX, an accelerator of innovation. Furthermore, we will not stop at legal compliance, but will act based on human ethics, persistently promote human rights due diligence and D&I activities, and work to enhance corporate value by leveraging the diversity of our business, diversity of our people, and diversity of values as our strengths.

We look forward to your continued support of the Nisshinbo Group, which sees a change as opportunity and continues to grow.

Masahiro Murakami

Representative Director and President, Nisshinbo Holdings Inc.