Dividend Policy

The Company is managed with a focus on ROE, as it aims for a sustainable increase in shareholder value, including the distribution of profits. The Company also aims to accelerate investment for growth, including R&D, improving facilities, and M&A, while also acting as an Environment and Energy Company group that is highly admired and trusted by society, markets, and stakeholders.
The Company's basic policy is to maintain or increase dividends up to a minimum annual dividend of 36 yen per share by paying interim and year-end dividends twice a year, aiming for a consolidated dividend payout ratio of 40% by FY2026 and improving the dividend level through profit growth.
Furthermore, the Company will make flexible decisions on share repurchases based on its capital structure and medium- to long-term free cash flow outlook, while securing the necessary funds for investment in growth.

Dividend Per Share

  2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
Interim ¥15 ¥15 ¥17 ¥18 ¥18
Term end ¥15 ¥15 ¥17 ¥18 ¥18
Total ¥30 ¥30 ¥34 ¥36 ¥36