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(As of March, 2020) (Alphabetical order/honorific titles omitted)

Firm Analyst
Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. Mikiya Yamada

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Please understand that this list may not completely reflect the latest information or changes in analyst coverage. Other analysts who are not included on this list may cover Nisshinbo, as well.

The performance analyses and forecasts listed here are made by analysts at brokerages and research institutions for the sole purpose of providing information to investors. This list is not intended as a solicitation to trade Nisshinbo stock. Forecasts and opinions on Nisshinbo's performance made by these analysts are theirs alone and not those of Nisshinbo or its management. Nisshinbo does not endorse, concur with or guarantee the integrity of any of the information listed here.

Whether included on this list or not, analysts evaluate Nisshinbo's performance, businesses, products and technologies, making forecasts both regularly and irregularly. Neither Nisshinbo nor its management is involved in these analyses or forecasts.

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