Precision Instruments

Our advanced processing technologies support manufacturing that contributes to sustainability in society

The mechatronics business began operations in 1943 with the manufacture of aircraft tail units. Over seven decades since then we have continued to support the manufacturing activities of companies in various industries by utilizing our business expertise in the development, manufacture, and sale of specialized machine tools for various industries and other system equipment, precision parts for automobiles, molding products, and other products.

In addition to our core businesses of molding products, precision parts for automobiles, and system equipment, based on the high levels of technology, quality, and cost performance that we have fostered so far, we will actively challenge new fields in the future. And we will channel our passion into concentrated efforts to develop as a menber of Environment and Energy Company group contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

Main Product Areas

  • Molding products
  • Precision parts
  • System equipment

Main Products

Molding Products

We employ advanced molding and production technologies to create eco-friendly moiding products for automobiles, home appliances, medical equipment,household equipment, digital devices, and more, used around the world.

Plastic molding parts
Molding Products

EBS Valve Block

This device is a processed precision component for electronic brake systems (EBS). Employing state-of-the-art technology, we created a device that meets the needs of customers for high precision and low cost, as well as compactness and functionality, by fine-tuning production and processing methods, thereby contributing to the improved safety of automobiles.

EBS Valve Block
EBS Valve Block