Contributing to an ultra-smart society as the "Analog Solution Provider"

The microdevice business is being promoted with Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. at its core, which was formed by the merger of New Japan Radio and Ricoh Electronic Devices in 2022. We will contribute to developing a connected society through electronic device products and microwave products based on our strength in analog technology.

Main Product Areas

  • Signal processing IC
  • Power management IC
  • RF Device
  • Opto-semiconductor device
  • Ship /
    Weather radars
  • Satellite communication

Main Products

Signal processing IC(Op-Amp etc.)

Various sensors are installed in smartphones, other home appliances, and automobiles around us.
Sensors capture minute changes, and operational amplifiers and AFEs (analog front ends) are used to amplify these minute changes so that they can be used in devices.

High-quality Op-Amp MUSES Series
High-quality Op-Amp MUSES Series

Power management IC

Power supply ICs are always installed in all devices that run on electricity (home appliances, automobiles, machinery, etc.). Nisshinbo Micro Devices' low-consumption, high-precision, low-noise, and small-size power supply ICs are used in many home appliances and smartphones.

Device products that support comfortable living
Device products that support comfortable living

RF device

We were among the first to commercialize semiconductor processes using gallium arsenide (GaAs), which has excellent high-frequency characteristics, and provide devices for high-speed, high-capacity communications such as 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, from mobile communication terminals to automobiles.

RF devices that support
RF devices that support "connectivity"

Opto-semiconductor device

With a history of about 40 years, our lineup of opto-semiconductor devices includes six categories: photo reflectors, biomonitoring sensors, position sensors, touchless sensors, photodetectors, and illuminance sensors. We have released a new touchless sensor that is required in the "with Covid-19".

Touchless sensor for peace of mind, even with Covid-19
Touchless sensor for peace of mind, even with Covid-19

Microwave electron tubes

Microwave electron tubes are one of the key devices in marine radar, weather radar, and various radar equipment.With its compliance with the radio laws and regulations of various countries and market-leading reliability and durability, the company has long held the top share in the global market for marine radar.
We also provide a wide variety of microwave electron tubes and electron guns used in X-ray application equipment such as industrial non-destructive testing equipment and medical radiation therapy equipment.

Microwave electron tubes and peripherals
Microwave electron tubes and peripherals

Transmitter / Receiver for satellite communications

We supply transmitters and receivers used in earth station terminals for Internet, data communications, and call connections via satellite, and are highly regarded by system manufacturers worldwide for our high reliability and wide product lineup.
Satellite communications are used in a wide variety of scenarios, from disaster communication networks to mobile communications for airplanes and ships, to communication infrastructure that supplements terrestrial networks, and the opportunities for their use are growing.

Transmitter for Satellite Communication
Transmitter for Satellite Communication