Consumer Issues

Basic Stance

The Nisshinbo Group aims to create new and original value in its products and contribute to the creation of an affluent society.

We strive deliver products and services that meet our customers’ demands for product performance and quality in a timely and stable manner, and gain the satisfaction and confidence of our customers with outstanding quality. We work to create value for them.

The Nisshinbo Group's Efforts on the SDGs

The objectives of the Nisshinbo Group overlap with those of SDGs. We contribute to the achievement of SDGs through our business.
We are aware of all our SDGs and are considering specific goals to contribute. We believe that Goal 12 is the core issue for consumers.

SDGs Goals deeply involved in Our Businesses

  • 12. Responsivle consumption, production

    Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

For details about the core SDGs goals and specific environmental activities of the Nisshinbo Group, please refer to "Core SDGs Goals and Targets and the activities of the Nisshinbo Group" in the sections on Customer Response.