Management Strategy

After adopting a holding company structure in 2009, Nisshinbo Holdings Inc. embarked on a new era as an Environment and Energy Company group. We set out to transform the Group’s earnings structure by combining technologies from across the Group to create new businesses and by actively acquiring companies through M&A deals. Focusing on the three strategic business domains of Mobility, Infrastructure and Safety, and Life and Healthcare, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Net Sales of Nisshinbo Group

Long-term goals NEXT2015 Challenge2012

Plan objectives

  • Generate sustained growth in the environmental business
  • Establish unique technologies and new businesses in the environment and energy fields

Plan objectives

  • Regenerate and expand the electronics business
  • Strengthen the automobile brakes business
  • Improve profitability and enhance global competitiveness in each business
  • Expand the environmental business
  • Generate synergies

ROE: 12%(FY2025)

Plan objectives

  • Expand existing businesses
  • Create new businesses
  • Conduct M&A actively

Guided by our corporate slogan, Challenging towards a New Era of Technological Innovation & Super Smart Society, we will work to raise the presence of the Nisshinbo Group in innovation, technology, marketing and business systems.

The Nisshinbo Group’s Business Model

The Nisshinbo Group, with its founding businesses of wireless and communications, brake friction
materials and textiles, has grown and developed by constantly mixing and matching technologies and
businesses. Today, the Group’s business model is based on harnessing the power of diverse businesses,
people and values to drive innovation and address the ever-changing needs of society. Using that approach,
we are allocating management resources to growth fields and developing new businesses.

Innovation and Value Creation Powered by Diversity