Message from the President

Message from the President

The Nisshinbo Group will provide solutions
for climate-change measures and contribute
to achieving carbon neutrality
through business activities.

The Nisshinbo Group will provide solutions for climate-change measures and contribute to achieving carbon neutrality through business activities.

In 2022, the global situation changed to engender greater uncertainty than ever before. The pandemic of new coronavirus infections has not yet been able to converge, and the international political situation has shown unprecedented tension. In this context, the global environment, which has been alarming for decades, is worsening instead of getting better, and the crisis is ongoing in the shadow of an episodic pandemic. This is due to the weakness of the sense of crisis of humankind, which has given top priority to the immediate economy. I strongly believe it must never be forgotten that a company can be established only on the premise of a sustainable global environment, a stable society, and a peaceful world.

The Nisshinbo Group's corporate philosophy is "Change and Challenge! For the creation of the future of Earth and People." Guided by this corporate philosophy, our business policy is to realize a super-smart society as an Environment and Energy Company group. In line with this policy, the Group will advance business with an emphasis on contributing to climate-change measures, and as a long-term environmental target, the Nisshinbo Group aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The attainment of that goal requires a specific roadmap to be drafted and supported by risk and opportunity identification. Accordingly, in 2021, the Group began conducting scenario analyses on climate change and focused its analyses of climate change in the Wireless and Communication (solutions business), the Automobile Brakes, and the Chemicals businesses. Since 2022, the Nisshinbo Group has been developing the Wireless and Communication business (marine systems, ICT/mechanics, and mobility), the Micro Devices business, the Precision Instruments business, and the Textiles business. As a result of the scenario analysis, the Group has seen the direction to advance. In June 2022, Nisshinbo Holdings declared carbon neutrality and supported the efforts of the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure).

In addition, as a roadmap for achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, Nisshinbo formulated the medium-term environmental target up to 2030 in both qualitative and quantitative terms.

environmental target

In addition, the Nisshinbo Group has formulated the Fifth Sustainability Promotion Plan, including these, and promote the initiatives. The Fourth Sustainability Promotion Plan for fiscal year 2021 was largely achieved, but in the Fifth Plan, the Group is continuing and changing its initiatives and KPI targets based on some remaining issues and past results.

With regard to the Sustainability Promotion Activities, the Sustainability Promotion Office, which was established in April 2022 through organizational reforms, will lead efforts to strengthen the organizational foundation with an optimal structure that contributes to sustainability management. The two key elements that support this foundation are digital transformation (DX) and diversity and inclusion (D&I). The emphasis on human resource diversity and inclusiveness and the use of digital will lead to business model transformation and innovation recall.

Since its foundation, the Nisshinbo Group has been implementing a strategy that embodies the philosophy of a public entity that contributes to society through business activities. For this reason, the SDGs and ESG are not merely signs and topics but are the ideas that place them at the heart of corporate management. Going forward, the Group will continue to create a number of product groups that lead to sustainability, and while contributing to a resolution to the social and environmental issues throughout the Group, the Nisshinbo Group will also achieve its own targets at the same time.

Masahiro Murakami
Masahiro Murakami
Representative Director and President, Nisshinbo Holdings Inc.