Promotional System for Sustainability Activity

The Nisshinbo Group is promoting group-wide sustainability activities under the direction of the Corporate Strategy Meeting, which is responsible for business execution functions under the corporate governance system, and centered on the Sustainability Development Department of the Corporate Strategy Center of Nisshinbo Holdings Inc. Each department reports management reviews and issues to the Corporate Strategy Committee.

The Nisshinbo Group has established the Group Sustainability Promotion Council that is made up of sustainability promotion supervisors from each business group and is chaired by the chief of the Corporate Strategy Center. This council determines policies and key action items and formulates KPIs. It also regularly shares information regarding implementation statuses and issues, promoting unified initiatives. Furthermore, the Company establishes a separate promotional system for environment, safety and health initiatives and is developing concrete, related activities.

Sustainability Promotion Structure

Nisshinbo Holdings CSR Structure

【The Corporate Strategy Meeting】
The Corporate Strategy Meeting, which is composed of directors, executive managing officers, and others, deliberates on important matters related to the execution of the Group's business. In principle, the Corporate Strategy Meeting is held once a month.