In February 2015, we identified material issues for the Group in order to clarify issues that required action to achieve sustainable growth for the Nisshinbo Group’s business together with society.

Materiality for the Nisshinbo Group

  • Global compliance
  • Contribution to the environmental and energy field
  • Creation of a safe and secure society

Process of Determining Materiality

1.Identify social issues for consideration

First we identified social issues, referring to ISO 26000, the fourth edition of the GRI Guidelines, the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact and other social norms. We then evaluated their relationship to the Group’s businesses and identified 22 social issues for consideration.

2.Prioritize social issues

During Group CSR Council deliberations, we prioritized the social issues we had identified from the perspective of their importance to stakeholders and their importance to the Nisshinbo Group, coming up with a draft proposal.

3.Deliberate and approve at the Corporate Strategy Conference

The Corporate Strategy Conference, chaired by the president of Nisshinbo Holdings and comprising all managing officers, deliberated the issues’ materiality. After considering the importance of these social issues and their relationship to the Group’s businesses, we determined the three material issues indicated above.