Fourth Mid-Term CSR Targets and Initiatives

We have been conducting unified, group-wide activities to achieve the 14 key performance indicators (KPIs), including compliance and CSR procurement, in our third mid-term CSR targets established in fiscal 2016.
As there are still many areas that can be improved, we will continue these activities for our fourth mid-term CSR targets taking effect from fiscal 2019.

We will set goals for each key action item in order to achieve our targets, and we will use KPIs for the items that can be quantified.
All employees will work to achieve the targets, and the achievement status of the targets will be checked with KPIs. We also aim to further improve the content of our activities.

Relationship among Corporate Philosophy, Materiality, and KPI

Relationship among Corporate Philosophy, Materiality, and KPI

Fourth Medium-Term CSR Targets (FY2019-2021) and Results as of end-FY2019

Key Action Items Target for end-FY2021 Result as of end-FY2019
Implementation rate of training on Nisshinbo Group Corporate Philosophy 100% 100%
Participation rate of compliance training 100% 91%
Response rate to corporate ethics reporting system 100% 100%
Implementation rate of human rights training 100% 89%
Employment rate of persons with disabilities (Ratio of achieving companies) 100% 93%
Achievement rate of FY2020 targets in accordance with the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace—General Business Operator Action Plans (Ratio of achieving companies) 100% 15%
Rate of reinstatement after childcare leave 100% 95%
Participation rate of regular health examination 100% 97%
Implementation rate of stress check 100% 94%
Assessment of the status of improvement in accordance with the results of CSR questionnaires to major suppliers 100% Each business partner has been surveyed by questionnaire and is in the process of receiving guidance for improvement.
Number of violations of the Product Liability Act 0 0