Human Resources Training

The Nisshinbo Group concentrates on personnel training based on the belief that “good people make for a good business.” We are systematically upgrading our training, including training by position level (for new employees, newly appointed supervisors, newly appointed managers and newly appointed senior managers) and skill set; general education on safety, human rights and the environment; and specialized technical, accounting and intellectual property training by department and function. We also conduct a special training program for successors of executive managers to help them get an early start on acquiring the mindset, knowledge and role behaviors they will need as future executive managers. Additionally, we established a “workshop to strengthen business ability” for young executives and a “workshop for young employees to consider future Group business strategies” aimed at cultivating future managers.

Meanwhile, we provide financial assistance for training at schools outside the Company, correspondence courses and acquisition of qualifications as a way to support employee’s self-development in a broad sense.

We also focus on cultivating human resources who will play a role in global business. We conduct pre-departure training programs for assignments abroad to help them gain knowledge in areas such as cross-cultural communication, compliance and risk management and put in place a policy to promote experience in countries outside of Japan for employees less than 35 years of age.

To improve their language skills, we provide support for employees to be dispatched abroad, including training at language schools. For young employees, we offer two to six months of language training in the United States and China, online English conversation classes, and online language assessment tests. We also hold training programs in English and business Japanese co-hosted by Group companies.

Voices of Students:

  • (Student of corporate strategy training)
    Although I had previously analyzed the business environment in operations, the training allowed me to draw connections with individual work I undertake on a daily basis, and thereby gain a systematic understanding of the overall picture.
  • (Student of language training system/English)
    The training wasn’t just about language acquisition, but rather I was able to make many new discoveries such as expressions used in daily life, and choosing the right word depending on the situation. By using phrases and words that are also used by people in other countries, I was able to feel much closer to the people I spoke with, and this led to quality communication.

Primary Training and Systems

Education and Training by Position Training for new employees, training for newly appointed supervisors, newly appointed managers and newly appointed senior managers
Training for Executive Managers and Supervisors Executive managers training program, workshop to strengthen business ability, advanced organizational studies training, standard organizational studies training, human resource administration training, finance and cash flow basic training, management strategy training, management strategy basic training, marketing training, accounting training, and finance training
Training for Leaders External training support system, effective management (EM) method training, critical thinking training, facilitation training, and presentation training
Subordinate Training Coaching training, feedback training, and evaluator training
Global Training Language training system in countries outside of Japan (English and Chinese), promotional programs providing experience abroad for young employees, global human resource training system, Company-funded CASEC testing for specified employees, top management training at subsidiaries in other countries, pre-departure programs for assignments abroad, language training before and after trips to countries outside of Japan (test fee aid system), TOEIC and CASEC certification testing (test and transportation fee aid system for voluntary test takers), 50% subsidized online English conversation courses, and 50% subsidized correspondence courses and e-learning courses for language acquisition
Career Support Goal management system, N-OJT, career sheet (career building and transfer requests), New Challenge System (internal job openings), second life support system, young employee follow-up system, and mentoring system
Self-Development Correspondence course and e-learning course subsidy system, qualification acquisition subsidy system
General Education and Training Education and training in Corporate Philosophy, human rights, safety, occupational health, quality management, compliance, environment, and diversity
Specialized Training Specialized technical training, manager and supervisor training, intellectual property training, job rotation system and language training