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Handling of personal information obtained through inquiries

Read the following Confidentiality Policy.
If you agree to the following terms regarding the handling of personal information, click the below button.

*Entered information will be encrypted using SSL.
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Confidentiality Policy

Nisshinbo Holdings respects customer confidentiality and is fully committed to protecting confidential customer data. Our confidentiality policy is summarized

Confidential Customer Information:
Customers normally can access Nisshinbo's Website without disclosing personal or confidential information. There may be cases, however, in which a customer could be required to provide personal or confidential data. In those cases we will specify how the data will be used.
We will retain some personal information that customers provide, such as name, address, company or school name, position, telephone number, and e-mail address. We record the domain from which a customer accesses our Website. That information will be retained and analyzed for the sole purpose of improving our Website, so that it better meets customer needs. We do not use the information for any other purpose.
Privacy Protection:
Nisshinbo Holdings will do everything possible to safeguard any personal or confidential data given to us by customers. That data will be used solely to reply to customers and improve our services.
Nisshinbo Holdings will not disclose personal or confidential data provided by a customer to other companies or individuals without consent, except that the customer's name, address, and telephone number may be disclosed to third parties in the course of our providing the customer with certain services.
If a customer requests us to change, amend, or delete any personal or confidential data they have provided to us, we will honor that request.
Nisshinbo Holdings is not involved in any third-party links to our Website, nor are we involved with those third-party Websites. Nisshinbo Holdings cannot be held responsible for any violation of privacy or confidentiality by third parties. We recommend that customers review the privacy policies of such Websites.
Please send any questions on this policy to General Inquiry Form. Nisshinbo reserves the right to revise this policy at any time. Revisions will be posted on this Website.
  • Depending on the content of your inquiry, our group companies may contact you directly and reply to you. In that case, we will share the entered personal data.

Investor Relations

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