List of Inquiry Contacts

Inquiries relating to business content and products

For inquiries relating to our Group’s business, products handled, etc., please use the inquiry form of the specific business company concerned.

Wireless and Communications

Main Products
J-Marine Cloud, Inmarsat, MFD radar, echo sounder/fish finder, weather radar, dam discharge control systems, flood forecasting and warning systems, digital simultaneous wireless system, LTE Solution, maritime security system, wireless IP equipment, road/traffic information system, ETC2.0 automotive equipment for motorcycles, GPS/GNSS module, mobile GPS location tracker, VICS beacon transceiver


Main Products
OPAMP, power supply ICs, audio IC, MUSES, automotive IC, GaAs IC, SAW device, MEMS, components for satellite communications, sensor components, electron tubes and peripheral devices

Automobile Brakes

Main Products
Disc pads, brake linings

Precision Instruments

Main Products
Plastic products, customized machines, precision parts for automobiles


Main Products
CARBODILITE, bio carrier for wastewater treatment, AIRLITE FOAM, bipolar plates for fuel cells, new carbon material


Main Products
No-iron shirt Apollocot, Mendesu Oshibori (wet towel), other textile products

Inquiries relating to investor relations

Please inquire from here for matters relating to timely disclosure of information, materials for shareholders and investors, briefings, etc.

Inquiries relating to corporate social responsibility (environmental and social activities)

Please inquire from here for matters relating to CSR activities, etc.

Inquiries relating to the handling of personal information

Please inquire from here for matters relating to our Group’s handling of personal information.

Inquiries about new business

Please inquire from here for matters relating to New Business, etc.

Other inquiries

Please inquire from here for matters relating to new businesses or other matters relating to our Group or if you are not sure where to send your inquiry.