Nisshinbo Group Corporate Philosophy

Apr. 1, 2014

Our corporate philosophy expresses the values we share as members of the Nisshinbo Group.

Public Entity

Believing that our companies are public entities, we shall aim to realize a sustainable society*1 by proposing solutions to global environmental problems.

  • We remember at all times and in all our activities that the ultimate goal of our Group is to contribute to society.
  • We offer products and services that help solve global environmental issues, with an eye to developing a society where all people can enjoy comfortable lifestyles long into the future.
  • *1 A sustainable society is a society where environmental preservation and effective resource use are balanced with economic rationality and where, as a result, all people can enjoy comfortable lifestyles long into the future.

Consistent Integrity

Respecting the diverse cultures and customs of the world, as well as biodiversity, we shall conduct fair and sincere business activities with pride as a corporate citizen.

  • We fulfill our social responsibilities as a corporate citizen by acting in good faith and with fairness at all times.
  • We respect the diverse cultures and customs of countries and regions throughout the world and uphold the laws and regulations of each.
  • We conduct our business activities with full recognition that the global environment depends on the maintenance of a delicate harmony among all living things and that we are part of that diverse harmony.


Maintaining our spirit of response to change and unceasing challenge, we shall create an affluent future together with our stakeholders*2

  • We work toward the creation of an affluent society by constantly creating new and original value.
  • We satisfy stakeholder expectations by sensitively anticipating changes in the times and the environment and boldly taking on new challenges.
  • We build ties of trust with stakeholders and work together with them in our business activities.
  • *2 A stakeholder is any person or organization involved in or affected by our corporate activities, including customers, shareholders, employees, business partners, community residents, and governmental organizations.