Message from the President

Enhancing our corparate value as an Environment and Energy Company group

At Nisshinbo Holdings, we aspire to excel as an Environment and Energy Company group earning steadfast esteem and trust from society, the marketplace and our stakeholders. Within that vision, our avowed goal is to enhance the Group’s corporate value, maximize the quality of our organizational culture and achieve progress clearly measurable in numerical terms. By accelerating the pace of growth through hands-on governance guided by swift and bold decision-making, we move to maximize shareholder returns. Particularly keen energies are being channeled into the expansion of existing businesses, inroads into new fields and vigorous mergers and acquisitions, targeting the long-term goals of one trillion yen in sales and an ROE of 12% for 2025. M&A is viewed as a major pillar of this growth plan, and will be aggressively promoted with the focus on the wireless communications and electronics and automotive sectors.

As previously announced, April marked the sale of our paper products division—a sector that supported the Nisshinbo Group for over 70 years. This October Japan Radio Co., Ltd., the core company in our electronics business, will be transformed into a wholly owned subsidiary. These shifts underscore our corporate philosophy of Public Entity, Consistent Integrity, and Innovation. They comprise critical management decisions rooted in scrupulous consideration of the proper direction and long-term horizons of a consummate Environment and Energy Company group.

The information and sensor technology of Japan Radio is strategically positioned to help richly realize the advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) and other aspects of today’s emerging super-smart society. Aided by that company’s full-fledged subsidiary status, we will rapidly spearhead fusion of technologies and advances in commercialization, stepping up optimal management practices throughout the extended Nisshinbo Group.

Our plans likewise call for drawing from globalization, M&A, and other sources to actively incorporate into our growth strategies the creativity and originality essential for expanding diversity, girding for the challenges of innovative and sustained progress.

The world is on the threshold of an era within which market needs will be powered by the proposal and supply of Events and Services derived from Goods. Subscribing to the motto of Challenging towards New Era of Technological Innovation & Super Smart Society, we will enhance our Group competence in the pivotal domains of innovation, technology, marketing and business systems. The ultimate aim is to more vividly manifest our presence as a cutting-edge Environment and Energy Company group.

In closing, please look forward to increasing greatness from the Nisshinbo Group.

June 2017

Masaya Kawata

President, Nisshinbo Holdings Inc.