1907 Established Nisshin Cotton Spinning Co., Ltd.
1940 Established Toa Jitsugyo Co., Ltd.
(name changed to Nisshin Toa Inc. in 1990)
(name changed to NISSHINTOA IWAO INC. in 2016)
1945 Acquired Meiji Plant, Nanshin Seiki Co., Ltd.
(now the Fuji Business Office)
1949 Established Nihon Postal Franker Co., Ltd.
(name changed to Nisshinbo Postal Chemical Co., Ltd. in 2006)
1958 Established Nihon Koubunshikan Co., Ltd.
(name changed to Nippon Koubunshi Co., Ltd. in 1986)
(merged by Nisshinbo Mechatronics Inc. in 2010)
1962 English name of company changed to Nisshin Spinning Co., Ltd.
1972 Established Nisshinbo Do Brasil Industria Textil LTDA. (Brazil)
1978 Acquired Tokai Seishi Kogyo Co., Ltd.
1984 English name of company changed to Nisshinbo Industries, Inc.
1985 Acquired Nissin Denim Inc.
(merged by Nisshinbo Textile Inc. in 2014)
1989 Established Kohbunshi (Thailand) Ltd. (Thailand)
(name changed to Nisshinbo Mechatronics (Thailand) Ltd. in 2011)

Established Pudong Kobunshi (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (China)

(name changed to Nisshinbo Mechatronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in 2010)

Established PT. Nikawa Textile Industry (Indonesia)
1995 Established Nisshinbo Automotive Corporation (U.S.A.)
(dissolved in 2009)
Established Nisshinbo Urban Development Co., Ltd.
1996 Established Nisshinbo Somboon Automotive Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
1997 Established Nisshinbo Automotive Manufacturing Inc. (U.S.A.)

Established PT. Gistex Nisshinbo Indonesia (Indonesia)
(name changed to PT. Nisshinbo Indonesia in 2010)

1999 Established Saeron Automotive Corporation (South Korea)
2000 Established Continental Teves Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with Continental Teves AG & Co. oHG (name changed to Continental Automotive Co., Ltd. in 2007)
2002 Acquired all shares of Iwao & Co., Ltd.

Established Nisshinbo (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (China)

2003 Established Saeron Automotive Beijing Corporation (China)
2004 Established Continental Teves Corporation (Lian Yun Gang) (China)
(name changed to Continental Automotive Corporation (LYG) Co., Ltd. In 2013)
2005 Added New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. as consolidated subsidiary
2006 Acquired additional shares of Japan Radio Co., Ltd. and Nagano Japan Radio Co., Ltd.
2007 Acquired all shares of Daiwa Shiko Co., Ltd.
2008 Acquired all shares of Nisshinbo Brake Sales Co., Ltd.
(merged by Nisshinbo Brake Inc. in 2010)
Established Jiangsu Yawei Nisshinbo Precision Instruments & Machinery Co., Ltd. (China)
(name changed to Nisshinbo-Yawei Precision Instruments & Machinery (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. in 2010)
2009 Spun off five businesses—Textiles, Automobile Brakes, Papers, Mechatronics and Chemicals—and converted to holding company; corporate name changed to Nisshinbo Holdings Inc.
2010 Established Nisshinbo Textile Changzhou Co., Ltd. (China)
Added Japan Radio Co., Ltd. and Nagano Japan Radio Co., Ltd. as consolidated subsidiaries
2011 Established Nisshinbo Saeron (Changshu) Automotive Co., Ltd. (China)
Established Nisshinbo Singapore Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
Acquired all shares of TMD Friction Group S.A. (Luxemburg)
2012 Established Nisshinbo Business Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (China)

Established Nisshinbo Commercial Vehicle Brake Ltd. (Thailand)

Added Alphatron Marine Beheer BV as consolidated subsidiaries
2014 Established Nisshinbo–Continental Precision Machining (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd. (China)
2015 Acquired all shares of Tokyoshirts Group
Acquired all shares of Nanbu Plastics Co., Ltd.
2016 Japan Radio Co., Ltd. acquired all shares of Nagano Japan Radio Co., Ltd. and Ueda Japan Radio Co., Ltd.
Nisshin Toa Inc. merged Iwao & Co., Ltd.
(name changed to NISSHINTOA IWAO Ltd.)