January 28, 2009

A full-scale entry into the North America market - Establishment of our sales and service offices for PV production system -


Jan. 28, 2009

We, Nisshinbo, are establishing our sales and service offices for PV production system in Los Angels, USA by around April 2009. Afterwards, we are planning to establish service office on the east coast. It's to expedite and to achieve our full entry to the PV market in the USA, based on the expectation of the increasing new demand to the renewable energy in North America thanks to Obama administration declaring "Green New Deal Program".

Take a look at the regional production volume of the PV module in 2007. The production volume in USA is about 27 million KW, making up 7.2% of the worldwide production volume. At the same time, venture corporations
producing PV module with new technologies arise. PV module business field in USA is expanding for the last few years, and is expected to be the market leader as well as Asian market.

On our entry to Northland Latin America, we can conduct our own business activities in the region due to the amicable termination of the development, manufacturing, and sales consortium agreement between Nisshinbo and Spire Corporation in the USA.
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