Stock Information

Stock Information

Stock code 3105
Stock market listings Tokyo Stock Exchange, First Section; Nagoya Stock Exchange; Fukuoka Stock Exchange; Sapporo Stock Exchange
Number of shares per trading unit 100 shares
Dividends (forecast of174th business term) Full year: ¥30
(interim dividend of ¥15 and year-end dividend of ¥15)

Composition of Stock(as of March 31, 2017)

Total shares authorized 371,755,000 shares
Total shares issued 178,798,939 shares
Number of shareholders 13,894 shareholders

Major Shareholders(as of March 31, 2017)

Shareholder name Number of shares held (Thousand shares) Shareholding ratio (%)
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 19,525 12.3
Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance Company 12,000 7.6
Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd. (Trust Account) 10,588 6.7
Teijin Ltd. 6,028 3.8
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Retirement Benefit Account for Teijin) 4,700 3.0
Trust & Custody Services Bank, Ltd. (Securities Investment Trust) 3,323 2.1
Trust & Custody Services Bank, Ltd. (Investment Trust Collateral Account) 3,206 2.0
Shikoku Chemicals Corporation 2,600 1.6
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. 2,300 1.4
The Japan Wool Textile Co., Ltd. 2,282 1.4
  • Note: The investment ratio has been calculated after excluding Treasury stocks (20,013 thousand shares).
  • Note: Shareholding ratio is calculated by deducting treasury stock.