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Expanding market share by optimizing production and sales globally and reducing costs dramatically

The Nisshinbo Group has world-class technologies from development to production in the fields of spinning, weaving, knitting, finishing, and sewing.
The textile industry is in a significant period of transition, brought on by the long-term slump in domestic clothes consumption; the process of price destruction; and the rapid expansion of globalization. In March 2010, our textiles business group created a Business Rebuilding Plan in order to respond to these changes in the environment. We will rebuild our business around the three pillars of denim, shirts, and uniforms, while relocating production facilities to Asia with a focus on Indonesia also including such countries as China and India, with the aim of winning global market share through dramatic cost reductions, and increasing our sales.
Meanwhile, we will scale down our domestic production facilities, and make them specialized in technology development, focusing on developing of competitive new products and technologies, and small-lot, quick-delivery production.
Through these initiatives, we will build a production and sales network linking each of our sites in Asia, while maintaining Nisshinbo Quality in our products. We will utilize a globally optimized production and sales system, and continue to supply valuable products that support people's health and comfortable lifestyles.

Major Products

Shirts, Denim, Textile Fabrics, Oikis, Mobilon, Textile Materials

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