Respect for Human Rights

In an effort to promote respect for human rights and put in place an increasingly comfortable workplace, the Nisshinbo Group engages in human rights education and training activities based on a human rights education and training promotion structure chaired by the head of the Company’s Corporate Strategy Center and with the head of the CSR Department as sub-chair.

With respect to the Group's internal education and training, we conduct a variety of systematic programs, including training for new employees and training for all employees throughout the year. To raise employee awareness of human rights, coinciding with Human Rights Week in December each year Group companies in Japan and overseas invite employees and their families to submit human rights slogans.

To prevent harassment, we have set up harassment consultation desks at each subsidiary in Japan. In principle, these desks are managed by two or more men and women, and training is provided to newly appointed managers to increase their skills in providing consultation.

To promote respect for human rights throughout the supply chain, we have in place the Basic CSR Procurement Policy for the Nisshinbo Group, as well as CSR Procurement Guidelines for each subsidiary, that clearly state our stance on awareness of fundamental human rights and the prohibition of child labor among other things.

Top Management Training on Gender Diversity

The Nisshinbo Group aims to create an environment in which diverse human resources can work together without discrimination. As one aspect of this policy, in August 2016 we held training on gender diversity targeting the top management of Group companies in Japan.

We invited to this training Dr. Chiaki Matsunaga, who is the head of the Japanese Society of Gender Identity Disorder and is herself affected. She lectured on LGBT from a medical perspective, focusing in particular on gender identity disorder.

Top management training on gender diversity
Top management training on gender diversity