Human Rights and Labor Practices

Basic Stance

Human resources, encompassing each and every member of a company, are the real basis on which a company can continue to prosper. By respecting the character of each employee and by aiming to use him or her in the most suitable position for the most suitable tasks, a satisfying workplace can be created.

To this end, we are committed to observing all relevant aspects including human rights and labor conditions, and facilitate a proper work-life balance for each individual. In addition, we engage in activities that promote occupational safety and health with the aim of eliminating workplace accidents.

The Nisshinbo Group has codified its stance with regard to human rights and occupational safety in the Business Conduct Guidelines of the Nisshinbo Group. We are committed to ensuring a workplace environment conducive to mental and physical health as well as respect for the diversity, character, and individuality of employees.

  1. We respect the diversity, character, and individuality of each person and do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, birth, or social status.
  2. We engage in nondiscriminatory practices regarding opportunity and treatment in employment, thereby creating a dynamic workplace environment where a diverse range of people can flourish.
  3. We do not engage in harassment, bullying, or any other action that violates human rights.
  4. We do not tolerate forced labor, child labor, or any other inhumane treatment of any form whatsoever.
  5. We comply with regulations and standards in our home country and overseas related to occupational safety and health and place top priority on safety in our business activities.
  6. We implement systematic industrial accident prevention activities throughout the entire Nisshinbo Group, promote the mental and physical health maintenance of each employee, and create a safe and pleasant workplace environment.
  7. We follow established work procedures and always pay meticulous attention to ensure that we do not cause accidents.
  8. When an accident or disaster occurs, we do our best to minimize damage while placing maximum priority on human life, and we endeavor to prevent recurrence.

(From the Business Conduct Guidelines of the Nisshinbo Group)