The Environment

Basic Stance

As an Environment and Energy Company group providing solutions to help tackle humanity’s greatest challenge—global environmental issues—the Nisshinbo Group contributes voluntarily and proactively to the realization of a sustainable society based on the following principles expressed in the Business Conduct Guidelines of the Nisshinbo Group.

  1. We comply with the regulations and standards in our home country and overseas related to environmental preservation, and we proactively set voluntary control standards for our business activities.
  2. We assess the environmental impact of our products over their entire lifecycle and create technologies, products, and services that contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.
  3. We set up environmental management systems throughout the entire Nisshinbo Group and endeavor to preserve the global environment by conserving energy and resources, promoting the reduction and recycling of waste, decreasing the emission of substances that cause global warming or environmental pollution, and taking biodiversity measures.
  4. We raise the environmental awareness of all members of the Nisshinbo Group through environmental education and consciousness-building activities.
  5. We take measures to preserve ecosystems, including activities to enhance the environment around our plants and offices and to add greenery that complements the local environment.

(From the Business Conduct Guidelines of the Nisshinbo Group)