Environmental Activities

Efforts toward Medium- to Long-Term Environmental Targets

To reach our medium- to long-term environmental targets, in fiscal 2017, we bolstered the management structure led by environmental management promotion staff at each core company. To promote the initiatives adopted in the Paris Agreement at COP* 21 in Japan and other countries, we continued to focus on efforts to conserve energy and reduce carbon, such as accelerating the installation of LED lighting and the switchover from petroleum energy to gas as an energy source.

* Conference of the Parties

Third Medium-Term Environmental Targets (Fiscal 2015-2018) and Assessment of Progress

Qualitative Target Fiscal 2018 Target Fiscal 2017 Results Assessment of Progress*1
Reinforcement of the maintenance of biodiversity Roll out "preceding pilot project for ecosystem preservation" Activities underway at 10 sites
Promote Life Cycle Assessment*2(LCA) 40% or more of total sales 23% of total sales
Improvement of the sales percentage by the products that contribute to the development of the sustainable society 40% or more of total sales 44% of total sales
Reduction of the energy consumption per unit of sales Reduce by 5% or more compared to fiscal 2014 Down by 6.0% compared to fiscal 2014
Reduction of greenhouse gas*3emissions per unit of sales Reduce by 5% or more compared to fiscal 2014 Down by 2.0% compared to fiscal 2014
Reduction of the volume of PRTR*4substance emissions per unit of sales Reduce by 10% or more compared to fiscal 2014 Up by 10% compared to fiscal 2014
Improvement of recycling rate (Recycling rate is calculated as follows:"the amount of recycling" divided by "the amount of total waste generation including the amount of recycling") Increase the recycling rate to 90% or more Overall 83%
Breakdown (%)
Other countries (excluding TMD)
68% ×

*1 Assessment criteria:
◯:Expected to reach target △:Measures required ×:Do not expect to reach target

*2 Life cycle assessment (LCA): Understanding of environmental load, through the life cycle of a product, from raw materials, to production, use, and finally to disposal

*3 We use the CO2 greenhouse gas emission factor announced by the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

*4 PRTR substances: Substances subject to the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) system pursuant to the “Act on the Confirmation, etc. of Release Amounts of Specific Chemical Substances in the Environment and Promotion of Improvements to the Management Thereof” and reports of their amounts of release and transfer must be filed.

*5 Excluding landfill waste at the now-closed Miai Plant

Long-Term Environmental Targets

The Nisshinbo Group’s long-term environmental targets for fiscal 2025 are as follows.

Long-Term Environmental Targets

  • Increase the ratio of products that contribute to a sustainable society to 65% or more of total sales
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions per unit of sales by 15% or more compared with fiscal 2014
  • Improve the recycling ratio to 95% or more