Consumer Issues

Basic Stance

The Nisshinbo Group aims to create new and original value in its products and contribute to the creation of an affluent society according to the Philosophy of Innovation.

While striving to deliver products and services that meet our customers’ demands for product performance and quality in a timely and stable manner, we have established the Business Conduct Guidelines of the Nisshinbo Group to gain the satisfaction and confidence of our customers with outstanding quality, and we work to create value for them.

  1. We earn the satisfaction and trust of stakeholders by developing and providing products and services that are safe and beneficial for society.
  2. We engage in product manufacturing that is focused on safety throughout the product lifecycle, from development, procurement, and manufacture through sale, use, after-service, and disposal.
  3. We comply with relevant regulations and standards in our home country and overseas to ensure the safety of products and services and endeavor at our own initiative to reach higher targets.
  4. We provide accurate and easy-to-understand information regarding the safe and correct use of our products and services.
  5. If there is a chance that an accident or trouble related to our products or services could impact customer safety, we quickly disclose the facts and take prompt and appropriate action.
  6. We set up systems to control the quality and safety of our products and services, and we thoroughly instill product safety awareness among our employees.

(From the Business Conduct Guidelines of the Nisshinbo Group)