CSR Procurement Basic Policy

June 1, 2015

The Nisshinbo Group, in the course of fulfilling its CSR, has codified its procurement policy in the Business Conduct Guidelines of the group.
Furthermore, the seven key principles listed below were formulated to further clarify the basic policy for CSR oriented procurement under aspects such as legal compliance, fair trade, information security, environment protection, human rights, safety & health, and quality & safety.

  1. To strictly observe all legal obligations and social norms
  2. To always pursue business in a sound and fair manner
  3. To properly manage all information
  4. To give due consideration to protection of the environment
  5. To respect all basic human rights
  6. To strive for a secure and healthy living and working environment
  7. To aim to ensure the quality and safety of all products and services

By asking our suppliers to also adhere to these principles, we are promoting proper CSR observance throughout the entire supply chain.